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DisplayFusion works best with multiple screens, but you can also use it with just one. It takes care of a number of small bugs, as well as some long-standing issues. I would like to thank everyone who submitted bug reports through the Support Forum, the support email address and even Twitter. At the same time it is a great application that can make your dual monitor (or triple monitor or more) life much, much easier.


* Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0

What's New

  • Changed: Taskbar can now be re-sized very easily by right-clicking
    on it and selecting “Multi-Monitor Taskbar Size”
  • Changed: Now shows an optional monitor indicator when dragging a
    maximized window between monitors
  • Changed: Rearranged the Desktop Wallpaper window and added icons to
    some of the dropdowns to simplify it
  • Changed: Added a “Don’t stretch smaller images” option to the
    Desktop Wallpaper window – this option will force DisplayFusion to
    centre images that are smaller than the monitor, instead of stretching
  • Changed: Added an option to snap window edges to other application’s
    windows, not just to monitor edges (disabled by default)
  • Changed: The “Move to Next Monitor” and “Move to Previous Monitor”
    HotKey and TitleBar Buttons now use the monitors in their logical
    layout, not sorted by ID
  • Changed: Right-clicking on the TitleBar Buttons will now show the
    DisplayFusion context menu
  • Changed: All DisplayFusion windows now respond correctly to the
    Enter and Esc keys, as well as accelerator keys (Alt + key)
  • Changed: HotKeys can now be set to use a single key with no modifier
    keys (alt, ctrl, win)
  • Changed: Added a “Compatibility” tab in the DisplayFusion Settings
    window for managing TitleBar Button exclusions, TitleBar Button Offset
    (per application), Window Snapping exclusions and Wallpaper Changing
    exclusions – instead of managing these exclusions separately on each tab
  • Changed: Added an option to allow random wallpaper changes to be
    paused while a specified application is running – configure this in the
    Compatibility tab
  • Changed: Added a new Advanced
    Setting called “AutoUpdateBeta” for checking for new beta versions
  • Changed: Added a new Advanced
    Setting called “TitleBarButtonsBackgroundCustom” for using a custom
    TitleBar Button background image
  • Changed: Added a new Advanced
    Setting called “TaskbarsPreviewAnimation” for enabling/disabling
    the Taskbar thumbnail preview animations
  • Changed: Added a new Advanced
    Setting called “TaskbarsColourTrackingRGB” for forcing the Taskbar
    to use a specific tracking colour
  • Changed: Added a new Advanced
    Setting called “MonitorsForceOrder” for forcing the monitors to be
    treated in a specific order
  • Fixed: Taskbar compatibility improvements: Winamp
  • Fixed: TitleBar Button compatibility improvements: Console Windows
  • Fixed: Taskbar is now more responsive to Windows theme colour
  • Fixed: Taskbar text anti-aliasing is now much better, and text looks
    exactly like the Windows taskbar (Vista, Win7)
  • Fixed: Taskbar now supports hacked themes in Windows XP, Vista and
    Windows 7 (custom taskbar backgrounds, buttons and text effects like
    text glow)
  • Fixed: TitleBar Buttons now supports hacked themes in Vista and
    Windows 7 (custom titlebar button backgrounds and Windows Aero glow
  • Fixed: When a monitor is added, removed or re-sized DisplayFusion
    reacts much quicker
  • Fixed: Changing a taskbar’s position using the taskbar context menu
    is now much faster
  • Fixed: Restarting DisplayFusion doesn’t cause the hooks to silently
    fail to load in rare cases (silently prevented certain features from
    working with no indication as to why)
  • Fixed: Improved full-screen application detection
  • Fixed: Moving a window that isn’t sizable isn’t accidental re-sized
    in rare situations
  • Fixed: Fixed a problem that caused taskbar items to not be added
    back correctly when disabling a secondary monitor
  • Fixed: Better application compatibility with the Windows 7 Snipping
  • Fixed: TitleBar Buttons no longer appear 1px too high when monitors
    are vertically stacked
  • Fixed: “Font ‘Tahoma’ does not support style ‘Underline’” error
    appeared sometimes when open the Flickr image search in Windows 7
  • Fixed: Taskbar and TitleBar exceptions now work correctly with
    VMware Player
  • Fixed: TitleBar Buttons now scale properly and don’t get blurry when
    font scaling is being used
  • Fixed: System Tray message balloon text is no longer truncated
    incorrectly (prevented error messages from being fully displayed)
  • Fixed: Taskbar buttons now respect the “MinWidth” taskbar button
    size hack (“HKEY_CURRENT_USERControl
  • Fixed: Taskbar previews now show the correct window for Microsoft


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