CAPS Warn 4.2

John Woodward
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CAPS Warn 4.2

CAPS Warn is designed for people who type with one hand using Sticky Keys, or for anyone who presses the Caps Lock key frequently by mistake.

CAPS Warn is a Preference Pane that provides: A) on-screen indications of when the Caps Lock, Shift, Function (Fn), Control, Option, or Command keys are pressed (or stuck on by Sticky Keys) or B) warnings that: 1)  you have turned on the CAPS Lock and/or  2)  you have typed a specified number (default 5) of keys with the SHIFT key (or Sticky Keys SHIFT) or CAPS Lock and/or you have turned on the Num Lock.  CAPS Warn warns you regardless of what application you are typing into.

The CAPS Warn preference pane appears above with the default settings shown.  

Enabling CAPS Warn via this Preference Pane will automatically disable any previous version of CAPS Warn.

For CAPS Warn to be able to warn you about multiple shifted key presses, you must turn on "Enable access for assistive devices" in the Universal Access System Preference panel (as shown below), and then enable CAPS Warn.

Macintosh Requirements

CAPS Warn is a MacOS X application. It runs on 10.3+.  Universal Binary.


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