Font Sleuth 2.0.1

ToThePoint Software
14.7 MB
Operating System
Customize Mac OS X

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Font Sleuth

View And Activate Uninstalled Fonts

Select any folder of fonts and view them in their font faces. Font Sleuth can optionally display fonts contained in folders nested within the selected folder. Install uninstalled fonts with a single click.

Browse Fonts Quickly
Use Font Sleuth’s display window to go through your fonts. Try different combinations of display attributes such as text color, size, alignment, and style.

Run Font Slideshows
Run slide shows of installed fonts, uninstalled fonts, and your custom font groups. Adjust duration, text color, size, alignment, style, and sample text phrase even while the slideshow is in progress.

Save Favorites
Keep a list of favorite display phrases and access them from any font display window.

Save and Print
WYSIWYG Font Lists

Save and/or print WYSIWYG list of installed fonts, uninstalled fonts, or your custom font groups. Keep a list of sample text favorites and access them from any font display window

Create Font Groups
Create font groups visually by dragging fonts from the Font Sleuth Viewer to the Group Editor Drawer. Group fonts according to your own criteria to make font-finding even faster.


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