Galactic Dream – Rage of War 1.3

Evolution Vault
148 MB
Operating System
Windows All

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Galactic Dream - Rage of War

Galactic Dream: Rage of War is a real time strategy game in space. In the 24th century, a terrible apocalypse threatens humanity, as a devastating galactic-scale event, the second Big Bang, is set to bring forth a permanent era of darkness. The ‘black light’ is coming to consume our world, thus several colony ships were prepared to leave the solar system, in the search for a new home, faraway in space. Project Phoenix was created to give Mankind a second chance; a great journey through the stars meant to challenge fate.

However, fate turned out to be very stubborn, as an enigmatic alien species follows the humans everywhere they would go, into the darkest depths of space.

Galactic Dream: Rage of War is NOT a story about heroes; it is about the less fortunate among us BECOMING heroes. This is not a story about saving the world, but rather saving a part of it to ensure its continuity.


  • Lead one of two powerful races in an epic real time strategy game in space;
  • Over 50 detailed units and structures, quick build-up, low system requirements;
  • The game’s campaign will introduce you to a thrilling space futuristic set;
  • Funny unit dialogues: "Impossible! The mothership grounded me.", "I’m a super model battleship.";
  • Units advance in levels to become the core of your unbeatable armada;
  • Play our real time strategy game with a friend on the Internet or over the LAN. 


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