Tuber vs Solanars: Strategy 1.03

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Tuber vs Solanars: Strategy

When it all started nobody knows. Solanars come from nowhere and turn whole alive worlds into soulless mechanical systems! They don’t lead any negotiations and have nothing to do with compromises. They just conqueror one planet after another! And the reason why Solanars are doing it is still unknown.

The only world that managed to resist these cruel machines is a stellar system, named Tuberian. This peaceful and developed system used to live for thousands years in harmony. This world didn’t know what war is. But with arrival of the evil Tuberians had to acquire new self-protection skills. Our peaceful inhabitants turned out to be good warriors, almost flawless in action.

Tuberian was successfully protected with Perimeter system that didn’t let through any spaceship of invaders. But Tuberians realized that Perimeter wouldn’t be able to keep unlimited forces of Solanars for long. That’s why Special Forces Tubers was created. These brave Tuberians were sent to different parts of the Universe to help other worlds to confront Solanars and figure out their leading power of invasion.

Game action of Tuber vs Solanars Strategy takes place on a Blue Planet, right before start of invasion of this beautiful world by Solanars! Our hero, Tuber, appears here just on time. He knows weak sides of Solanars’ strategy and must save the Blue Planet at all coasts!

The game control is easy, just use a left mouse button. Tuber vs Solanars Strategy has got a user friendly interface, typical for series of games – Adventures of Tuber. A set of the most commonly used buttons let to save the game or open previously saved game quickly. Besides you can easily change the settings of video&audio systems in real-time mode and choose any of game music tracks according to your preferences!
Item inventory system:
In the game a classical arcade principle is used: a player has a definite number of lives. When Tuber fails one of game levels, he loses one life. Depending on the complexity of the level, a player gets a certain amount of hearts/lives at start. If a player manages to get a heart in the course of the game his life level will be increased. You can choose level of difficulty in the game that is the most suitable for you.

There are 3 levels: novice, professional, expert. It’s recommended to start the game with a novice level to get acquanted with the game strategy. Here Tuber will be confronting the weakest type of Solanars, a worker-robot. It reminds a metal Turtle that is able to transfer into a metal ball. On a professional level Tuber meets a stronger Solonar, a guardian-robot. This powerful fighting robot is able to scan a vast territory, to fire and to move with a lightning speed. He is good at tactics of leading close combats.

To win this guardian-robot you’ll have to think over well each step of your strategy. The third level of complexity is for game experts and is available only in a full game version (you won’t be able to find it in a demo game version). On this level you’ll meet a leader of Solanars, a robot with incredible speed of reaction.

Solanar-leader easily solves any strategy tasks. He is also good at perfoming multi-tasks, starting with an ordinary worker and ending by a commander of a starship fleet. He studies weak sides of his enemies and strikes when you expect it least of all. His actions are absolutely logical and optimal. So be alert with a leader of Solanars, he will use any mistake against you!

Magic system:
In the game classical chess clocks is used. So each side has got limited time for a move. In case if one of the sides doesn’t manage to make a move within a set time a red flag will be displayed and this side will loose the game. To stop ticking of the clocks for a certain period of time (for 10, 7, 5 secs, depending on the game level) a player can use a magic snowflake. The quanity of snowflakes is limited at the game start. But you can increase their number, if you pick snowflakes on the game level


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