Desktop Picture Frame 4.1

Alexei A. Abramoff
10.6 MB
Operating System
Windows All
Demo Shareware
Desktop Enhancement

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Desktop Picture Frame 4.1

Desktop Picture Frame is a new way of showing images on your desktop. No need to spend your time and money for artistic photos and photo frames. Using Desktop Picture Frame you can spend less time at your computer and more time getting things done. The program is designed to show turned in frames images from the list in the user defined sequence with smooth image transitions. Swapping of images goes user set time intervals.

Your baby, your family, your beloved pet, your favorite landscapes can be kept close to you on the desktop of your computer, no matter if you are home, in the office or travelling.

We have done our best to allow the photos that capture the special moments of your life to be always close at hand. I hope sincerely that Desktop Picture Frame will become an essential part of your desktop.

Desktop Picture Frame is not a "just another slide-show program"; think of it as of smart and gentle screen-mate. The slide-show is not shown full screen, but is instead located anywhere on screen according to your choice where is it out of the way. The slide-show is not shown in a hardcoded sequence, but is instead series of images are user customizable.

Desktop Picture Frame is a slide-show of your favorite images:

  • in any scale;
  • in any sequence;
  • at any screen corner or any screen location;
  • on any screen attached to your machine;
  • changing as scheduled;
  • turned in the stylish, eye-candy frames.

Desktop Picture Frame does not interfere with your work but stays close at hand as:

  • image is the topmost window if visible;
  • image smoothly vanishes when a mouse pointer is over it;
  • image stays completely transparent while work is over the image;
  • image quietly appears when the mouse pointer is elsewhere on the screen.


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