FourDesktops 2.0

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Windows 7 Windows Vista Windows Xp
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Desktop Enhancement

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FourDesktops 2.0

Organize your desktop work environment.

FourDesktops enhances your productivity by providing an easy way to organize your work into separate tasks or stages. By organizing related programs and documents onto their own desktop, you can streamline and un-clutter your virtual work environment.


  • Creates four separate desktops on one computer; (similar to virtual desktops)
  • Dual monitor compatible
  • Preview screen that shows thumbnails of the four desktops at once
  • Customizable keyboard shortcuts for fast switching between desktops and for fast switching to the previously active desktop
  • Unobtrusive design to maximize your productivity
  • Control panel for customizing, starting and shutting down FourDesktops
  • Customizable desktop names
  • Each desktop has its own taskbar and notification area (system tray)
  • Every desktop shares the same clipboard

Change log:

  • All third-party components removed due to incompatibilities with Vista
  • New license registration system
  • Right-click pop-up menu removed
  • Speed of preview image generation improved
  • Interface fully Unicode
  • New help browser
  • Control panel window reworked so that all settings are now on a single page instead of on multiple tab


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