TitleBarClock Lite 3.6.7

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TitleBarClock Lite 3.6.7

You can copy the date or time to Window’s clipboard that can be pasted into other applications. The tool displays a simple but useful pop-up calendar and can speak the time each quarter hour in a male or female voice. Includes a desktop clock you can turn on to see the same information on your desktop when all windows are minimized. TitleBarClock Lite enables you to quickly shut down your computer by left double clicking on it’s tray icon.

TitleBarClock Lite is a simple easy to use utility with quick access to all options. Click on the link below and try TitleBarClock Lite today!

Don’t see the clock in the windows title bar after installing the program?? You are probably in Windows Aero Glass video mode. Here is what to do, first right click on TitleBarClock Lites’s tray icon then click on the Vista Aero Glass mode option. You should now see the clock on the left side of your windows title bar.

Remember that to access TitleBarClock Lite’s many options you simply right mouse click on it’s tray icon. TitleBarClock Lite’s tray icon is located on the right side of Windows taskbar next to where Windows displays the time.



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