Trog Bar 2010.02.08

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Trog Bar 2010.02.08

TROG Bar is the smart Windows sidebar that manages your work for you, keeping you focused, balancing your life. Enter your tasks and schedule in Trog or Outlook and Trog starts helping immediately. Combine it with our life-changing online time management training and you’ll feel better about everything you do.

Designed and created by the Priacta time and task management experts, Trog Bar is incredibly stress-relieving to use. It’s intended for the average user, yet it’s especially valuable to anyone using a system like Getting Things Done (GTD), Take Back Your Life, Total Workday Control, or Priacta’s Total, Relaxed Organization (TRO).


  • Automatically recommends and prioritizes things to work on next.
  • Manages email for you like any other task.
  • Adapts its recommendations automatically as your schedule changes.
  • Makes it easy to capture ideas or tasks in an instant.
  • Puts meeting agendas at your fingertips when you need them.
  • Keeps follow-up items just two clicks away.
  • Finds tasks instantly as you type.
  • Makes time budgeting easy—just drag and drop tasks into the pop out calendar to create linked appointments.
  • Maintains your tasks in Outlook automatically with no importing, exporting, or synchronizing.*
  • Gently teaches proven, low-stress time and email management practices.


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