Virtual Desktop Assist

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Virtual Desktop Assist

Virtual Desktop Assist is a virtual desktop manager for Windows operating system which allow you to create multiple virtual desktops and switch between them by hot key. The virtual desktop manager lets you organize different applications over serveral virtual desktops(also called workspace),

This is useful to person who perform different things on one computer at the same time. You can create a desktop for programs that you have to run, but you don’t want to take workspace from your desktop. Or, if you want to hide runing programs from others. Or, if you want to run multiple shells at the same time. Once you get accustomed to using it, it will become indispensable part of your work.

Virtual Desktop Assist is designed to be simple and elegant to use yet still be highly configurable and extensible. You can quickly switch from one desktop to another desktop by Press Hot Key(Accelerator) and you can set your Custom Hot Key.

Control Menu:

  1. Next Desktop: Switch to Next Virtual Desktop.
  2. Previous Desktop: Switch to Previous Virtual Desktop.
  3. Advance Option: Opens the Advance Option Dialog, here, you can set hot key, mute and others.
  4. Help: Opens the help documentation.
  5. About: Opens About Dialog.
  6. Buy Now: Go to Buy Now Web.
  7. Register: Opens Register Dialog of the Virtual Desktop Assist.
  8. Exit: Exits the Virtual Desktop Assist.


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