WeatherStudio 1.1

PaulMarv Software
12.9 MB
Operating System
Windows 7 Windows Vista Windows Xp
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Desktop Enhancement

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WeatherStudio 1.1

Whether you’re chasing tornadoes in the midwest or simply scheduling a party, WeatherStudio has got you covered. Be safe. Be informed. Know when and where Mother Nature will strike.

With over fifty live weather products and layers, and thousands of combinations, you now have the tools that weathermen have and use to give you the forecast, without complex prior knowledge!

WeatherStudio puts all weather information imaginable on an interactive computer map. Runs on virtually any PC with an internet connection!

General Features:

  • Full Screen (F11)
  • Dynamic Layer System
  • Custom Map Background and Logo Customization
  • Apply Color Palettes to Raster Layers
  • Built-in Palette Editor
  • Adjust Layer Transparency/Transluceny
  • Search for addresses, places, cities, etc.
  • Take Weather Captures with the ‘Capture’ Button.
  • Home locations / Label certain points
  • Geographic ruler for measuring distances.
  • GPS support
  • ‘Slow Mode’ for fast rendering on older/slower computers
  • Night Mode
  • Layer Order Manager
  • Resize Friendly


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