LightBox Advancer for Dreamweaver

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LightBox Advancer for Dreamweaver

LightBox Advancer is a simple and useful Dreamweaver Extension that helps to easily insert the LightBox into your web pages. It is designed to view the pictures in the popup LightBox window. It allows customizing the LightBox window and managing the gallery content. No hand coding is required.

You also can create thumbnails for your images/photos without any additional software. The extension automatically generates the CSS and JS files that are based on the parameters you set via its GUI.

You can explore all LightBox Advancer features before ordering the product with 15-day full-functional trial version

Key features:

  • Intuitive interface makes your work more effective.
  • Save your time and money as it does not require JavaScript/CSS knowledge.
  • LightBox Advancer don’t require any additional JS frameworks like jQuery
  • Real-time preview gives you an idea on how your Lightbox will look in a browser.
  • You can show in Lightbox popup a single image or group of images(gallery).
  • You can use professionally-designed templates from our library or you can quickly make fully custom LightBox
  • User friendly thumbnail creation function. No additional software is required to create thumbnails.
  • Code produced by LightBox Advancer is compatible with all modern browsers for PC/Mac e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome


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