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MAKEMSI 09.316

MAKEMSI is a freeware tool which enables you to easily and reliably create low overhead "MSI" or "Windows Installer" based installers . Windows Installer is a Microsoft developed and backed installer format or technology for building reliable installation packages.

Help and support is available from the extensive manual and from Microsoft’s own forums or from the dedicated MAKEMSI user group with 500+ members.

Some advantages of an MSI include :

  1. Automatic handling of files opened by applications (in use).
  2. If an install fails then prior changes will be undone (no half installs).
  3. Enables deployment (with or without elevated privledges) to all boxes in a network via Group Policy/Active Directory. Corporate customers will definately prefer (or in fact generally require) MSI based installers due to their ease of deployment.
  4. The automatic creation of XP system restore points at package install and uninstall.
  5. Self healing (repair) of files or registry entries.
  6. The advertising of complete applications (or parts) which allows installation on demand (resources not installed until required).
  7. Installation or uninstallation can be automated via command line parameters in a standard way (automatic support for silent or unattended installs).
  8. Allows merging of common "runtime files" (via Microsoft or other 3rd party merge modules).
  9. Configuration of MSI based products is supported by many mechanisms which are standard for all MSI installers. MSI files are self contained SQL databases (with SQL tables and rows) and Windows Installers uses a data driven approach to installation. This installation can can be manipulated (by the end user) to tweak them or alterations can be done via separate SQL transforms or options can be overridden from the command line. This can change install file and shortcut locations and control which features get installed plus much more.
  10. Microsoft Windows product logos require MSI based installers.

MAKEMSI utilizes simple XML like text files for the reliable creation (or updating) of MSI based installers. Once set up subsequent rebuilds are automated, reliable, quick and in general require no MSI skills. Not only does MAKEMSI build the MSI but it creates HTML documentation for it as well! As an MSI creator MAKEMSI generates small files, unlike those built by other tools which can be huge!

MAKEMSI is aimed at both beginners as well as advanced users. If required you have full control over every Windows Installer table and row (you can even create your own). You can also just point MAKEMSI at a complete directory tree or a registry file and it will create the appropriate Windows Installer entries (components, GUIDs, cab files) and doing this doesn’t prevent the use of the more advanced capabilities. MAKEMSI can actually build or update any Windows Installer database types, for example ICE validation suites or merge modules. It is the simplest tool available for MSI automation.



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