Nokia Qt 4.6 SDK

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Nokia Qt 4.6 SDK

The Qt SDK provides everything you need to develop web-enabled desktop, mobile and embedded applications and UIs.  It includes the Qt cross-platform application framework and the Qt Creator cross-platform IDE.

Qt 4.6 introduces support for the Symbian platform with integration for the S60 framework, expanding the addressable market for Qt applications by over 130 million Symbian devices. With the Qt port to Symbian, we have a broad embedded offering. Qt allows you to code once and deploy across major mobile device and desktop operating systems
while getting to market quickly.


  • Advanced Graphics Effects: Opacity, drop-shadows, blur, colorization and many more graphics effects can now be used with Qt 4.6 to create more exciting UIs.
  • Animation and State Machine Frameworks : The new Qt Animation and State Machine Frameworks allow developers to create simple or complex animations, without the hassle of managing complex code.
  • Gesture & Multi-touch Support: New support for gestures and multi-touch input methods make it possible for developers to create better user interaction on touch-enabled devices. 


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