Shape Name Utility 1.0

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Shape Name Utility 1.0

The Shape Name Utility is a freeware open source utility that allows a user to examine and edit the names of shapes in Microsoft MapPoint.

It is possible to give Microsoft MapPoint shapes their own identifying names or labels using the programming interface, but MapPoint does not make this functionality available to the end user. Instead, third party programs (eg. our MPSuperShape) can use the name to identify shapes and return to them as required.

Although the Shape Name Utility could be used by end users to name their shapes, this utility is really intended as a diagnostic tool for programmers.

The Shape Name Utility is easy to use. Simply select the shape in question, then select "Shape Name Utility…" on Microsoft MapPoint’s Tools menu. The existing name (if any) is displayed, and can be edited. The shape type is also displayed. Press OK to save any changes. That is it!

The utility is distributed as freeware and open source under the Berkeley (BSD) license. See the download page for download options.


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