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SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 (Evaluation Version)

New with SUSE
Linux Enterprise 11 is an extension to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
that allows applications written in .NET to run on Linux. By using SUSE
Linux Enterprise Mono Extension, you can use your .NET trained
developers and the .NET application framework to easily port your .NET
based server applications to Linux, increasing time to market and
improving productivity. And since your .NET applications will be
running on more reliable, scalable and secure Linux server hardware,
they will achieve better scalability and performance.

Why does interoperability between Linux and Windows matter? Because without it, your infrastructure costs more to run and is more complex and risky. Only SUSE® Linux Enterprise 11 gives you the highest-performing solution for Linux/Windows virtualization, so your consolidation and disaster recovery investments deliver greater ROI. And for end users, SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop and work exceptionally well with Windows and Microsoft Office, enabling maximum productivity at the lowest cost. Recommended by Microsoft, SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 delivers a smooth and reliable computing experience from desktop to data center.

But interoperability doesn’t stop there. For the first time, you can run ASP.NET applications on Linux. Reduce costs and increase performance with the platform that powers supercomputers but gives your budget a break. And SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 supports open standards, so you can manage heterogeneous environments of Linux, Windows and UNIX from your choice of management solution. Don’t just simplify your environment; increase your flexibility and choice too.

Novell’s commitment to interoperability and strong partnership with Microsoft help bridge the gap between open source and proprietary technologies. This allows you to lower costs, complexity and risk across your organization.

Get SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 today, and make interoperability your reality.

· 60-day evaluation

Whether you want to run a Web server or a mission-critical
application, download SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server, and experience the
very best that open source has to offer. If you want to run ASP.NET
applications on Linux, you can do so for the first time when you
download SUSE Linux Enterprise Mono Extension. If you need a real time
operating system for time-critical applications, then download SUSE
Linux Enterprise Real Time Extension and achieve low latency with high

If you want an affordable, innovative
desktop operating system that interoperates seamlessly with Windows,
then download SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop.

Or if
you need advanced collaboration, file and print capabilities, then
download Open Enterprise Server, and run the world-class NetWare®
services on the SUSE Linux Enterprise platform.



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