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MoreDataFast 1.1 is a freeware software developed from the feature Moredata but composed of a single executable with classic interface instead of toy style. The program can analyze a single image ocr through at a time or a list of images in a single pass.

Instructions: unzip the contents into a directory of your choice and click on the executable file MoreDataFast to launch the program you can create a link to the desktop for your convenience, right click on file>>> send to>> desktop create shortcut

Requirements: Windows and the framework 3.5 SP1 or higher installed

The software allows you to generate a text file from the results with one click. The software allows you to search all the OCR analysis performed a keyword and return only images that contain the search word in a grid with one click you can open the original image with the default application for that file type.

Acquisition of lists of images has greatly improved the speed at least dual core machines

MoreDataFast 1.1 adds a simple function of recharging all results

What's New

  • Software allows set automatic start when windows start,you can enable or disable this feature
  • Software allows direct navigation to forum support page


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