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Net Transport 2.91

Net Transport (also called NetTransport or NetXfer) is a faster, exciting and the most powerful downloading manager that you ever saw, now supports the most pop Internet protocols, including:

  • FTP / over SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) / over SSH (Secure Shell)
  • MMS (Microsoft Media Services)
  • RTSP (Real-Time Streaming Protocol)
  • BitTorrent
  • eMule
  • RTMP (Real Time Messaging Protocol)

Other Features:

  • The flexible "Scheduler Manager" is also most powerful item in NetXfer. Even you can record the dynamic URL according to time and save it as your desire filename.
  • You can use the inbuilt "URL Sniffer" to catch the real URLs for streaming, Flash, etc.
  • You can use the simple but powerful "File Manager" to categorize and manage downloaded files more efficiently.
  • Simple multi-user management. You can maintain several databases by logging on Windows with different username.
  • You can use the inbuilt "Site Explorer" to list the directory structure of the remote server, and easily select the desired files. FTP is the most powerful item in NetXfer.
  • FTP reuse mechanism allows you to use one connection to get different files from the same site.
  • The "Multiple Proxies mode" allows you to assign every working thread a different proxy to break certain site restrictions, like only one connection per IP.
  • You can adjust the bandwidth usage of Net Transport to ensure surf at the same time.
  • Monitor browser click. And you can add links through Internet Explorer extended context menu, or drag links to the "drop zone" window, etc.
  • Net Transport can automatically shutdown the system or hang up the modem once all downloads are completed.
  • Multilingual support for the user interface. We will be glad if you help us localize NetXfer.
  • You can use multi-threads for all streaming protocols to significantly reduce the time of downloads.
  • Automatically parse streaming script such as .asx, .smi to acquire real URLs.
  • From version 2 on, you can record the clip with range.
  • The disk cache buffer can prolong your hard disk life.
  • Except eMule, other protocols all support IPv6. Net Transport is ready for IPv6 epoch.


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