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RapidShare Downloader is a download manager that downloads files from RapidShare.com automatically. RapidShare Downloader, downloads files one by one and waits RapidShare.com’s Wait-Time period for next file. MajorShare – RapidShare Downloader; developed for downloading files from RapidShare easily. The best thing for Free Users. You can create your download list easily, just copy and pastle the link into the downloader. You don’t need to check downloading files to start next file. Just create your download list and then play your games, movies, do your jobs.

Version 4.14 shows main window by double clicking on Info Box, asks before deleting all the download list.

What’s new in this version:
New Language: Korean Showing main window by double clicking on Info Box. Asking before deleting all the download list. Download speed stabilization. Moving Info Box anywhere.


Version 4.14 Information

  •     New Language: Korean (v4.13)
  •     Stabilization.(v4.14)
  •     Showing main window by double clicking on Info Box.(v4.13)
  •     Asking before deleting all the download list.(v4.13)
  •     Download speed stabilization.(v4.12)
  •     Moving Info Box anywhere.(v4.12)
  •     Input past end of file(62) bug fixed.(v4.11)
  •     Info Box font type and size changed.(v4.10)
  •     Info box background is darker now.(v4.10)
  •     Transparency added to Info Box.(v4.10)
  •     Opening Info Box by single clicking to system tray icon added.(v4.10)
  •     File Downloaded Pop-Up window added (Can be disabled at Settings Section.).(v4.10)
  •     File Downloaded voice added (Can be disabled at Settings Section.).(v4.10)
  •     Transparency added to main window.(v4.10)
  •     Selecting RS.com server bug fixed.(v4.10)
  •     New Section: Specifing a .BAT or .EXE file for Modem Reset.(v4.9)
  •     New Language: Brazilian Portuguese.(v4.9)
  •     TimeLeft info added to Info Box.(v4.9)
  •     Right Click menu added to Download List.(v4.9)
  •     Editing URLs setting added.(v4.9)
  •     Asking before exiting added.(v4.9)
  •     Popup window for downloaded file infos removed.(v4.9)
  •     "Save List" bug fixed.(v4.8.1)
  •     New Section: Search on RapidShare.com files.(v4.8)
  •     Selecting driver and folder simplified.(v4.8)
  •     Showing remaining time.(v4.8)
  •     Information box added.(v4.8)
  •     Download list fixed for long links.(v4.8)
  •     Premium Login section changed.(v4.8)
  •     Some codes changed to be faster.(v4.7)
  •     New version informations on Info label.(v4.6)
  •     Moving selected links to the top and to the bottom.(v4.6)
  •     Some of button icons changed.(v4.6)
  •     "Continue as Free User" button bug fixed.(v4.5)
  •     Removable disk bug fixed.(v4.5)
  •     Button informations added.(v4.5)
  •     New language option: Spanish.(v4.4)
  •     Choosing download server.(v4.4)
  •     Moving and deleting multiple links.(v4.4)
  •     Checking internet connection status.(v4.4)
  •     Premium Login bugs fixed.(v4.3)
  •     Old template changed totally.(v4.3)
  •     "Recommended Files" part added.(v4.3)
  •     Restart bug fixed.(v4.2)
  •     "Object variable or With block variable not set" bug fixed.(v4.1)
  •     New setting: Shutdown the computer when all downloads finished.(v4.1)



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