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Streaming Video Downloader 4.0

Streaming Video Downloader (formerly FLV Video Downloader) is a small, light-weight computer program that lets you save different kinds of videos from Internet websites like YouTube, Yahoo! Video, and others to your PC as you watch them in your browser.

The program supports Adobe Flash, Silverlight, QuickTime, and RealMedia videos* and all modern browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, etc.

Whenever you begin watching a video in your browser, the program will automatically start saving it in the background, at the same time asking you if you want to keep the video. If you want to keep the video, you can simply eneter a file name and click Save; and if you don’t want to keep the video, you can click Cancel, and the already saved part will be deleted. Of course you can always pause monitoring for videos, in case you don’t need to save a video you are about to watch. So, saving videos is super-easy with this program: simply start watching one, and click Save! No need to find and paste URLs (like in numerous browser gadgets/widgets) – everything is done automatically!

What’s more is that it saves you time and bandwidth, because videos are saved as you watch them in a browser. Strictly speaking, you don’t even need to watch them – you can pause the playback and a video will be downloaded in the background – just make sure you don’t close or navigate away from the webpage that has video you want to save!

The program features hot key access for ease of operation, and simultaneous downloads so you can save multiple videos at the same time.

Flv to avi conversion is also available, so you can watch flash videos on portable devices*. It is easily configurable, and can, for example, be started automatically with Windows.


Save videos automatically, no need to do anything!
Streaming Video Downloader automatically detects when you begin watching new video in your browser, and begins saving it immediately, at the same time asking you whether or not you want to save this video. If you do, you just click Save, and if you don’t, you click Cancel, and the program will stop downloading it. That’s it! You don’t have to look for URLs and paste them somewhere, like you do with other downloaders; simply watch and save simultaneously!

Save Flash FLV, Silverlight, QuickTime, Real Videos!
Nowadays the most popular video format on the Web is Flash video served as FLV/MP4, however other types of videos are also common, including: Microsoft Silverlight served as Windows Media Video – WMV, Apple QuickTime served as MOV, and RealMedia served as RM/RAM. Streaming Video Downloader lets you save all these types of videos*!

Saves High Quality videos from YouTube and other sites as MP4
YouTube and some other video websites now offer the ability to watch videos in High Quality (HQ) mode. The physical dimensions of the video, color depth, and other settings are significantly better in HQ modes. This is why you should save HQ version of a video if it is available. Streaming Video Downloader, starting from version 3.0, lets you easily save even HQ videos. This works exactly the same as with regular FLV videos, the only difference being that HQ videos are saved as files with mp4 extension (since they are MPEG-4 type videos, and not flash videos).

Supports ALL versions of ALL Browsers
As long as you can watch a particular video in your browser, you can save it with Streaming Video Downloader! Thus, the program supports Internet Explorer 5+, Firefox 1+, Google Chrome, Opera 8+, Safari, Netscape, and others!

Saves videos from protected websites
The problem with url-based downloaders is that they simply do not work for password-protected videos and websites! Only Streaming Video Downloader can save such protected videos. Even more so, it can save streaming videos, or videos whose links expire too quickly! Remember, as long as you can watch a video in your browser, then Streaming Video Downloader can save it for you!



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