Vegas Movie Studio HD 9.0c

Sony Creative Software
90.1 MB
Operating System
Windows All

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Vegas Movie Studio HD

Create captivating videos that beg to be watched again and again using Vegas Movie Studio HD. Digital video editing tools add professional pizzazz with transitions, titles, and special effects including green screen and slow motion. Quickly format movies for online sharing sites like Facebook, YouTube and more.

Movies, slideshows, and more

Vegas Movie Studio HD
software makes video editing easy and fun. Best of all, it is a
real-time nondestructive video editor. No matter what changes you make
to your video and photos in the software, your original files are never
affected! Vegas Movie Studio HD software gives you the freedom to
experiment and have fun with video editing, without worrying about
making a mistake.

Use Vegas Movie Studio HD software to:

  • Add special effects, transitions, titles, and music
  • Zoom, rotate, and pan across photos to animate still images
    in your movies
  • Commemorate special events such as
    weddings and anniversaries
  • Create exciting,
    professional-looking business presentations

Create stunning movies in HD

Vegas Movie Studio HD has
everything you need to produce movies in spectacular high definition.
Editing HD is simple; just drop your clips on the timeline and go to
work. Its high-performance engine is beyond fast—see your changes happen
in real time. You can even work simultaneously with standard-definition
and high-definition video in the same project. When you’re done, export
your movie in a variety of HD formats for easy sharing.


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