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VideoCharge Studio 2.4.3

Videocharge Studio is a professional video editor which is intended for those users who regularly work with video, create Internet video galleries, convert video files.  It could be of interest for users who wants to create video gallery at site, extract frames from video file and create graphic gallery, creates YouTube video. It also generates HTML code which can be used to output video in Internet. You can upload produced video files to your FTP server! It can be used for creating Screen Lists – extract of video clip frames, which is saved in a single image file with meta data, like file name, file size, duration, etc.

VideoCharge Studio is oriented on creation of video with watermarks and includes powerful work on drawing watermarks on each frame of video or graphic file. You can create any watermark based on a graphic file or text. It is possible to set time for watermark display. It is a time range when watermark will be drawn on the frame. You can set one time range or specify an algorithm of watermark appearance on the frame (for example, randomly appearance) or use SRT file for reading exact information about time of watermark appearance/disappearance and what kind of text should be drawn (add subtitles directly into the video).

There is an ability to set method of watermark appearance/disappearance, use text from a text file to display in the video, set vector of watermark moving throughout the frame while video playing, apply different effects such as shadow, extrusion, embossment, turn watermark through any angle, duplicate watermark through the entire frame (tile effect) and many other things.

Change Log:

  • Upgrade for H264 video codec.
  • Increase productivity, multithreads support.


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