Armacrypt Webmail Encryption 1.2

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Armacrypt Webmail Encryption 1.2

Webmail services such as Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo Mail are fantastic. They all provide a reliable and feature rich service – but are you concerned about your privacy?  Not just from sophisticated hackers like the ones who allegedly infiltrated Gmail accounts, but from anyone who has access to the servers where your mail is stored.  After all, the advertisements that appear next to your email seem to have an uncanny relevance to the content of your message – but maybe that’s just a coincidence!

Either way, do you want anyone reading, scanning or examining your email?  If not, Armacrypt can provide a simple and powerful solution that will encrypt your email using any webmail service and any Windows’ browser.

Armacrypt key features:

  • Your secure messages remain encrypted on the webmail server at all times.
  • Only the authorized user can decrypt and read the message.
  • Armacrypt security includes all the message’s attachments and embedded files.
  • Compatible with all major webmail services like Gmail, Hotmail, AOL and should work with ANY webmail service, including OWA (Outlook Web Access).
  • Compatible with any Windows’ browser and integrates with Firefox and Internet Explorer (a Google Chrome version coming soon).
  • You can encrypt a message using Mirrasoft’s Key Server or with a password of your choice.
  • Compatible with Mirracrypt-for-Outlook and Mirramail Secure Email.
  • Simple to use yet powerful 256-bit AES encryption.


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