Disk Doctors Smart Email Backup 1.0

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Disk Doctors Smart Email Backup

Use Disk Doctors Smart E-mail Backup to Migrate and Backup Outlook Emails & settings.

Migrate your older version of Microsoft Outlook to newer version OR migrate from Windows XP / Vista to Windows 7 and more.

Backup your Outlook Emails and Entire settings with Disk Doctors Smart E-mail Backup.

Disk Doctors Smart E-mail Backup provides a secure backup for all your Outlook needs. Smart E-mail Backup is crafted with a simple interface that allows to save E-mails, folders, contacts, calendar, journal entries, tasks, notes, RSS feeds, settings, E-mail accounts, message rules, junk e-mail lists and signatures.

Smart E-mail Backup software helps to create backup and also restores the Outlook data which includes:

E-mails, address book, task, calendar, contacts, settings, notes, alerts, message rules and journal.

Outlook Backup can locate your entire personal file (pst files) attached with Microsoft Outlook. It provides an easy way to backup all your outlook data and even it has the competence to burn backup archive to CD/DVD.

The effective internal scheduler helps to backup your e-mail settings periodically. In addition, the advance backup mechanism is capable of creating several restore points with respect to backup profiles. Restore points adds flexibility to slip back to previous Outlook state without having to reconfigure complete settings in Microsoft Outlook. At any instance, maximum of four restore points can be created daily on cyclic rotation basis, which means four restore points are always available for flexible restoration without consuming much disk space.

Disk Doctors Smart Email Backup software facilitates in splitting the backup file to manage backup data on various storage devices efficiently. A Backup file can be restored on various versions of Windows (Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7) that you choose, where it symbolizes that our software is used as a synchronization tool other than accomplishing backup.


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