Easy Picture Email 3.1

Patrick DiRienzo
6 MB
Operating System
Windows All
Demo Shareware

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Easy Picture Email 3.1

Easy Picture Email is a Windows email program that creates and sends pictures with captions in your email without using attachments.  Easy Picture Email is fast and easy to use.  It takes the work out of sending pictures by email, because it automatically reduces picture sizes so that the resulting emails are smaller, contain perfect size pictures, and are acceptable by any email recipient.  Email created and sent by Easy Picture Email does not require the recipient to open attachments or scroll through large pictures.  In addition, it sends email to each email recipient one at a time, reducing the chances of your email being rejected as spam.


  • Easy and fast way to add pictures with captions to your email
  • Automatically reduces pictures to perfect email size
  • Creates smaller emails that are more acceptable to the recipient
  • No email attachments
  • Sends email to recipients one at a time to reduce spam rejection
  • Zoom in feature to quickly create close-ups out of your pictures


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