Eudora Mailbox Cleaner 4.9

Andreas Amann
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Eudora Mailbox Cleaner 4.9

Eudora Mailbox Cleaner is a simple drag’n’drop application which helps you migrating your mail and related data between different client programs. Contrary to most other solutions, it preserves message status flags (read, replied) and re-attaches attachments Eudora stripped from incoming messages. It supports migrating data from Eudora (both, Mac and Windows versions) and Thunderbird to Apple Mail or Thunderbird.

Using a two-step approach, Eudora Mailbox Cleaner can be used to convert messages from even more applications – e.g., Windows Thunderbird allows importing of messages from Microsoft Outlook. Using Thunderbird on Windows and then Eudora Mailbox Cleaner on your Mac, you can thus migrate your messages from Outlook to Mail while preserving message status flags.

The name ‘Eudora Mailbox Cleaner’ is still left over from early versions of this program which cleaned Eudora mailboxes for proper import using’s "Import Mailboxes…" feature. As of version 2.0, mailboxes are converted directly and the import in is not needed any more.

New in this Version:
Improved handling of attachments with long names – if the original file cannot be found (file’s inode on disk has changed) the application now tries to find the attachment based on the partial filename available. If only one possible match is found it will be used, in case of multiple possible matches none of them will be attached in order not to re-attach the wrong file (either case will be logged in the conversion log file).


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