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GFI MailEssentials 14.1

GFI MailEssentials features not one, but two anti-spam engines to give administrators an ultra high spam capture rate out-of-the-box with minimal configuration. Not only does it have one of the highest spam capture rates in the industry, over 99%, but it is also the market leader for reducing false positives and ships at the best price available.

The latest version includes SpamRazer, an additional anti-spam engine that provides a second layer of protection. It has been designed for ease-of-use and, due to frequent updates, SpamRazer needs no tweaking to be fully effective in filtering the latest spam attacks such as NDR spam, CNN spam, MSNBC spam and many more.

Not only will administrators benefit from out-of-the-box filtering but also they will gain protection from each new attack without the need to tweak GFI MailEssentials. With SpamRazer filtering, IP reputation filtering, Bayesian filtering and other advanced anti-spam technologies, our spam capture rate is over 99%. GFI MailEssentials has a market-leading low rate of false positives, ensuring the safety of important emails.


  • Support for Unicode
  • SpamRazer: an additional anti-spam engine boosting capture rate
  • Automatic whitelist management to reduce false positives
  • Multiple anti-spam technologies including Bayesian and IP filtering
  • Eliminates hard to catch NDR, MSNBC and CNN spam
  • Precise real-time dashboard
  • Server-based anti-spam and anti-phishing
  • Downloads updates to spam profile database
  • Localized into German, Spanish, Italian and Russian
  • Protect your users against the menace of phishing emails
  • Sort spam to users’ junk mail folders
  • List server for newsletter lists and discussion lists
  • Easy tuning of the Bayesian engine via public folders
  • Allow users to whitelist or blacklist via public folders
  • Email header analysis and keyword checking
  • Third party DNS blacklists (DNSBL) checking
  • Support for multiple third party SURBL servers
  • Automatic whitelist management reduces false positives
  • Instant view of emails from new senders
  • Eliminates directory harvesting
  • Reports on spam filtering and email usage
  • Support for SPF – the Sender Policy Framework
  • Set priorities for each anti-spam module
  • Company-wide disclaimer/footer/header text
  • Email monitoring
  • Email archiving to a SQL database
  • Seamless integration with Exchange Server, Lotus Domino and other SMTP servers
  • Support for virtual environments


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