HighVIP Protected Email 3.1

CryptoHeaven Development Team
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HighVIP Protected Email 3.1

When looking for a secure email solution, look for end-to-end encryption that secures email transport and storage. Avoid so called "secure email" solution that only encrypts transport (SSL) and leaves email content in plain text while stored on the servers or computers.

HighVIP provides outsourced secure email to businesses as well as individual email account. HighVIP is powered by the powerful CryptoHeaven encryption engine.


  • Easy to use: No download required. Just login from the web site or download a premium desktop client at no additional charge.
  • Secure: All communication is encrypted on your computer, sent encrypted, stored on secure servers encrypted, delivered to your recipient in an encrypted form and then finally decrypted by the recipient.
  • Anonymous: Your name, your IP address and none of your other private information is logged. Optional payment by e-gold maximizes your privacy.
  • Spam and Virus Protection: All accounts are protected by spam filters and virus scanners.
  • Reliable: All accounts are hosted on CryptoHeaven servers. CryptoHeaven has multiple redundant servers, power backups, continuous data backups and more.
  • Who Needs It?: What if the Postal Service were to photocopy all of your incoming and outgoing mail and store it for 12 months or more?


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