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Mail Sender Express Pro 4.0

Make your email advertising and marketing proficient using powerful Mail Sender Pro.

Mail Sender Express Pro arms the user to send mails to a large number of recipients successfully and swiftly. It offers exquisite designer templates for presenting the newsletters to the targeted customers professionally. The mass email sender keeps you organized in managing mailing lists for newsletter subscriptions. You can use advanced features such as scheduled start time for e-campaigns, built-in unsubscribe facility, detailed email campaign reports, Outlook compatibility and much more.

Mail SenderExpress Pro is a high-speed Windows mailing software meant for professional newsletter marketing or targeted email advertising direct to your consumers. This high speed mailer can speed-mail to a large number of recipients with in a couple of minutes. The original features of Mail SenderExpress Edition are all there, besides the addition of some new, advanced functionalities that makes mass mailing campaigns an extremely fast and organized activity.

This bulk email software is a professional high-speed email sending program for newsletter marketing, that enables you to organize your huge mailing lists in basic groups to make mailing simpler. You can enable and disable subscribers on-the-fly and provide a built-in "unsubscribe" facility that automatically takes care of recipients who want to opt out of your newsletter or marketing mailing lists.

The email sender enables you to specify the time and schedule for sending your newsletters or for setting your mass email marketing campaigns, so planning your email campaigns becomes easier. You can import and export email addresses and previously composed messages from Outlook into the email sender; this is especially useful for a targeted customer email list. This is very convenient for sending newsletters, targeted marketing, and mailing clients. This mail sending program sends out mails in MX mode and works like a mail server so you don’t need to worry or depend on unreliable, blind relays.

A great feature of this mass mailing Windows software utility is that you can showcase your message within an attractively designed template. You have access to eight eye-catching templates specially designed for Mail SenderExpress Pro. You can enhance brand identity by inserting your company logo and other images into these striking email templates.

A multi-threaded application, Mail SenderExpress Pro’s normal sending speed can go as high as up to 50,000 e-mails per hour. It also has a very professional and simple user interface.


  • Email Group Management: Manage your newsletter mailing lists by defining groups of targeted customers. You can easily add, delete, copy-paste, and modify recipients/subscribers in different mailing groups.
  • Enabling, disabling individual recipients: Individual recipients within a group can be enabled or disabled for receiving specific mailings.
  • Importing and exporting addresses from existing mailing lists: You can import addresses from a single file (.txt and .csv files) or from a directory easily. The addresses of selected groups can be exported to .txt or .csv files on your system to store them.
  • Convenient Outlook compatibility: You can import addresses from your Outlook Address Book into Email Sender Pro and export Email Sender addresses to Outlook too. You can also send messages composed in Outlook Email Editor.
  • Give your recipients an ‘auto-unsubscribe’ option: Filter a ready-made list of subscribers to disable recipients, who have opted out, from receiving future mailings.
  • Use Dynamic Variables to save time: While composing messages, use a Dynamic Variables to represent the recipient’s name. This will automatically get replaced with the recipient’s name while sending the message.
  • View Detailed Send Reports: Access a status report of mailings after sending your newsletter. This report tells you whether the mailing has been successful or has failed. If failed, then the reason is stated.
  • High Speed Emailing: Mail is sent really fast through the application’s multi-threaded delivery. The normal sending speed can go up to 50,000 e-mails per hour.
  • Attractive Email Templates: Choose from a range of eight designer templates to showcase your mails or use for your newsletters/mailing campaigns for marketing .
  • Attachments in any format: Send attachments in any format and multi-attachments too. Both–text and html formats–are supported.
  • User friendly interface: Comes with an intuitive interface–easy to use, and can be installed in minutes.


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