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Mail Snoop Pro 2.12 Build 40

Mail Snoop Pro is an anti-spam and email notification application designed to monitor any number of Pop3/SSL Pop3(secure Pop3)/IMAP/SSL IMAP(secure IMAP) mailboxes, finding and destroying spam without disturbing you and also alerting when there is new mail you need to see.

Mail Snoop Pro works in the background, connecting to your mail server at scheduled intervals or manually if needed. Each email is quickly scanned against a set of filters, marking or deleting unwanted Spam mail and advising of new mail awaiting your collection. It runs in the system tray, displaying an icon there. The icon displayed will change, depending on what is happening and also advises when new mail arrives.

The filter system rapidly checks new emails for any suspicious items. A number of different types of checks are made to each email, beginning by checking if the sender is a "Friend" and followed by checks for blacklisted senders, subject field, senders field, message header, message text, attachments,country codes,DNSBL (DNS Blacklist) abd automated response/bounce emails.

If an email is found to be spam, it will be archived for future reference and deleted from the server, alternatively it can be "bounced" back to the sender or used to generate an automatic complaint to the senders ISP.


  • Incoming mailbox support. Supports the following incoming mail protocols: POP3/SSL POP3 (Secure POP3)/IMAP/SSL IMAP(Secure IMAP)
  • Outgoing mailbox support. Supports SMTP, SSL SMTP (Secure SMTP)
  • Multiple email accounts. Can manage an unlimited number of mail accounts.
  • Scheduled mail checks. Automatic scheduled mail checks on a per account basis or check manually at any time
  • Network Connection. Supports Network/Cable/DSL/ADSL connections or by dial-up analog modem.
  • Separate network connections per account. Network connections can be configured on a per account basis, in the case of dial up connections it redials if needed.
  • Filter system. Filters on friends, blacklist, sender, subject, message headers, email bodies, attachment types, country code, DNSBL (DNS blacklist), Email language group, automated resonse/bounce email type.
  • Regular expression filtering. Supported on subject, headers,email bodies.
  • Message archive. Whenever possible Mail Snoop Pro keeps a copy of deleted emails in its archive for later review. It allows you to take further action if needed by bouncing, complaining or even restoring the message for collection. Old messages are cleaned out automatically after a preset number of days, adjustable by you.
  • Internet blacklists. Supports online DNSBL server checking.
  • Approved senders. You can add a list of friends email addresses allowing Mail Snoop Pro to always accept email from them.
  • Import approved senders. You can import addresses from an external address book or file.
  • Blacklist . There are some senders you just never want to hear from, you can add those individuals to the blacklist and Mail Snoop Pro will always delete incoming mail from them.
  • Live updating. Supports online updating of program and filter system rules.
  • Bounce Spam. Bounces back spam with error message or sends complaint message to ISP/Webmaster.


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