MailRelayer for Outlook 2.40

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MailRelayer for Outlook 2.40

MailRelayer makes the email on your PC remotely accessible over the Internet. Pushes new messages directly to your PDA or mobile phone. You get easy access to all your email, not just your new messages but all your accumulated messages too, no matter where you are – be that in the next office or in Hawaii (as long as you have an Internet connection). And all your mail stays safely on your PC.

MailRelayer is designed so that you do not need any special software on the computer where you access your email. All you need is either a Web browser or an email client. When you regularly access your email from the same remote computer – say from your notebook or home PC – you will do better to use an email client. You can use any email client that supports IMAP (almost all the popular ones do). You do not have to use the same client as on your base PC – indeed you don’t even need to use a Windows client. MailRelayer’s documentation lists recommended clients and discusses their merits.

Any up-to-date Web browser will do. And it can be a Web browser running on any kind of computer, not necessarily another Windows system. Using a Web browser enables tremendous flexibility: you can retrieve your email from an Internet cafe, from a colleague’s PC, even from an airplane! And thanks to MailRelayer’s support for one-time passwords, you can confidently read your mail from a public Internet terminal without fear of anyone stealing your account credentials.

When you use a Web browser you need to liaise with MailRelayer using a IMAP-to-WebMail gateway. Several of these are discussed in the product’s documentation. Some of them offer a free service while others require a paid subscription.


  • Full read/write access to all email messages on your PC.
  • Complete support for IMAP4 and POP3.
  • Encryption provided by an optional SSL add-on.
  • Option to convert HTML messages to plain text – a boon for PDA users since the effect is to both reduce the amount of data that must be sent wirelessly and to provide a format that is more suitable for viewing on most handheld devices.
  • Allows you to establish multiple remote-access accounts.
  • Integrated support for Dynamic DNS services. (Also works fine with third-party Dynamic DNS utilities.)
  • One-time passwords for security when using public Internet terminals.
  • Option to automatically disable accounts after a selected number of failed login attempts.
  • Ability to make selected mail folders unavailable for remote access.
  • Accounts may be made read-only.
  • User interface shows people logged into your mail service.
  • You can disconnect users and send them operator messages.
  • Works with foreign-language editions of email clients.*
  • Logging of all users who connect, error conditions, etc.
  • Complete manual available in various electronic formats.
  • Magnificent technical support (by email only).
  • Can handle non-Internet messages (faxes, etc.) for Outlook users.
  • Evaluation copies freely available. Download one now.


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