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MailRetriever for Exchange 4.0

MailRetriever for Exchange is an affordable and easy-to-use software package for browsing, recovering, searching, exporting, and analyzing e-mail and mailbox content directly from any unmounted Microsoft Exchange Data Store (EDB). MailRetriever for Exchange can even open and repair corrupted EDB files. With MailRetriever for Exchange, you are never more than just a few clicks away from recovering a message or mailbox. MailRetriever for Exchange eliminates the need for time consuming full-server and EDB restores for recovery of messages.

MailRetriever for Exchange opens and searches any EDB by field and keyword within mailboxes, messages, calendars, tasks, notes and folders. The results can be restored to the original location, a recovery folder or exported to a PST file for portability in just seconds. Browse or search the EDB or a specific mailbox to locate any items (messages, tasks, calendars) and then perform a simple restore. You can perform a partial or full mailbox restore as well with the same ease.

MailRetriever for Exchange opens EDBs plagued with corruption that do not mount on the Exchange server and are therefore traditionally useless. MailRetriever for Exchange branches around the corruption, healing the EDB so that it mounts with zero or minimal data loss, depending on the type of corruption. Additionally, MailRetriever for Exchange automatically rolls the log files associated with the EDB.


  • Perform e-discovery & Output to a PST for Case Analysis: MailRetriever for Exchange quickly identifies e-mail for ediscovery. Simply search for messages containing a keyword/phrase/username and MailRetriever for Exchange scans the entire EDB for messages that meet the selected criteria. The results can then be exported to a folder or PST which satisfies the “native file format” requirement for legal and compliance e-discovery.
  • Eliminate Brick-Level Mailbox Backups: Restore deleted, lost and archived e-mail from any unmounted EDB without the need to perform expensive and time consuming brick-level backups. MailRetriever for Exchange eliminates the need to run EXMERGE or Recovery Storage Groups.
  • Save Disk Space & Servers: MailRetriever for Exchange requires less disk space for message-level recovery and eliminates the need to stand up a separate Exchange server for restoring messages.
  • Differential Restores: Differential restores synchronize the unmounted EDB with the online server. Use differentials to synchronize the database after rollbacks, restores from a backup, or to populate an empty database.
  • View Individual Messages & Outlook Items: With MailRetriever for Exchange, you can view a message’s contents, including all the message attributes. Additionally, you have full access to calendar items, tasks, notes and more. The main screen for browsing mailboxes, messages and Outlook items in MailRetriever for Exchange.
  • Perform Data Store Integrity Checks: Check an EDB for corruption and pinpoint issues before they become more severe. MailRetriever for Exchange performs both physical and logical integrity checks on EDBs.
  • Mountability Test: Performs an offline ESE mount of the database and rolls all of the logs to ensure that the data store can be mounted.
  • Physical Check: Performs a page-by-page validation of the EDB.


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