Outlook True Archive 1.4.0

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Outlook True Archive 1.4.0

Outlook True Archive is a Windows program (for only 19.95) that does what Outlook itself cannot do – it truly archives your mail from an Outlook PST file based on the date the mail was received or sent, rather than the date it was last modified. The benefit for you: reliable results in your archive.

When you use Microsoft Outlook to archive a Mail message folder by date, Outlook determines the message age from the Sent timestamp, Received timestamp, or from the message’s Last Modified timestamp, whichever is later. As a result you may find that your messages are not archived because the Last Modified date/time has been updated. The following actions will change the message’s modified date/time:

  • Forwarding
  • Replying
  • Replying to All
  • Editing and Saving
  • Moving or Copying

Copying or moving the message to another message folder does not always change the Last Modified timestamp; if the destination folder is a Personal Folders file (.pst), the timestamp does not change. If the destination folder is an Exchange Server Mailbox or an Offline Folders file (.ost), the timestamp does change.

Change Log:

  • Added /TP command line parameter. Sets task priority to [L]ow, [N]ormal, [H]igh.
  • Changed archive period command line parameter. If you specify months OTA no longer defaults to 1st of month.
  • Exported message files now have their creation / modified timestamps set appropriately


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