PhotoBySend 2.2.1

Nikesh Patel
8.3 MB
Operating System
Windows 7 Windows Vista Windows Xp

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PhotoBySend 2.2.1

Fed up with all the hassles you have to go through to email photos? Compose, and send photo album emails directly from your desktop … our software automatically (and securely) uploads, hosts, and sends your photo album emails.

Share albums with truly hassle-free privacy and NEVER AGAIN subject your friends and family to highly annoying site registrations and sign-ins just to see your private pictures. Let friends, and family download your album directly from their emails … we are not just talking pictures, but THE COMPLETE ALBUM! with starter page, thumbnails, navigation, etc.


  • Truly Hassle-Free Privacy. Your friends, and family will appreciate NEVER having to grapple with infuriating site registrations, and sign-ins just to view your private photo albums.
  • Innovative "Zero Wait" Technology. Means you no longer wait for an album to finish processing before starting, and sending another album. In-fact, if your system shuts down, or looses internet connection our application picks-up where it left off once your system is back up and internet connection restored.
  • Instant Album Downloads. Offer your friends, and family the option to download a copy of your COMPLETE album (not just the pictures, but the entire album with navigation etc.) to keep, and enjoy permanently.
  • Automatic Album Expiration. No longer worry about having your pictures on the internet for ever, and ever. Access to your albums will automatically expire after 90 days, HOWEVER, because of our album download option described above, freinds, and family CAN ALWAYS download the complete album for permanent keeping.

New in this version:

  • Centered album captions.
  • Updated album themes to by improving background transparency to blend in better with overall album viewing experience.


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