Portable POP3 Mail Retriever 1.1.1

Eric Phelps
181 MB
Operating System
Windows All

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Portable POP3 Mail Retriever

The program comes complete with source code, sample Windows Scripting code, and sample DOS batch code. Actually, there are two distributions of the program. The "Download Now" link near the top of this page is for non-programmers. It comes with the usual installation program, but leaves off the confusing source code and documentation.

In addition to all the advantages automation offers, this program solves three other common problems even if you don’t use automation:

  • First, it can identify "spam". Nothing is foolproof, but I figure if  a message isn’t addressed to you and the clown who sent it used someone else’s mail server, it’s spam. You can delete all of it in one shot if you want.
  • Second, it can delete (or just skip) those modem-choking huge messages you sometimes get. How many times have you set your work email to auto-forward to your home account just to check in and find you have three 15 megabyte databases you don’t need. With this program, you can delete those nasty pigs without touching your other mail. I manage this trick because no messages are actually downloaded until you try to read them.
  • Third, it lets you pick the email program you want to use to view your email. Sort of… If your email programs use file associations, things will work fine. How many times have you downloaded your email just to wish you’d downloaded this one message with your "other" email program? Maybe one of your email programs handles attachments or graphics or embedded items better. I’ve got things set up so I can view my email with Netscape, Internet Explorer, Notepad, Outlook Express, and WinZip. Yes, that’s "and", not "or". I can be viewing the same email in all five programs at the same time.



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