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SmartIMF Manager 1.6

The Exchange Intelligent Message Filter (IMF) provides advanced server-side message filtering designed to combat the influx of unsolicited commercial e-mail, also known as spam or junk e-mail. Exchange Intelligent Message Filter requires Exchange Server 2003. When used in combination with Microsoft Office Outlook 2003/2007, it helps to significantly reduce the volume of spam users receive.

SmartIMF Manager is a tool designed to help system administrators easily manage Microsoft Exchange Intelligent Message Filter (IMF) archive folder contents. With the SmartIMF Manager, administrators can view, delete or forward to recipients filtered messages caught by the IMF. SmartIMF Manager also can automatically release messages based on a set of Whitelist rules as well as automatically deleting messages based on age. Administrators can also allow users to view and release email caught by the IMF as well as create a whitelist rule to prevent future emails from being caught.

SmartIMF Manager allows you to easily configure whitelist rules to ensure those important messages from customers and suppliers don’t get lost in the ever increasing tidal wave of spam arriving each day. Whitelist rules can be as simple or complex as you require – ensuring only the messages that you really want are released. End users can now create their own simple whitelist rules based on a message caught by the Exchange IMF – no more waiting for the a system administrator to find and release your message. Administrators can use the powerful Whitelist Rules Editor to create more complex rules as well as edit and manage user created rules. Are you using IMFCompanion and need more functionality? SmartIMF Manager can import your existing rules directly from IMFCompanion or a text or CSV file.

SmartIMF Manager includes a background process that runs as a windows service. This means you can set SmartIMF Manager to automatically whitelist messages as they arrive without having the SmartIMF Manager main application running. The background service will also expire old messages based on your settings. With SmartIMF Manager you no longer have to check the spam archive folder daily/weekly to ensure the its size does not get too large. The background service has been designed to be lightweight and use very few system resources. Not a system administrator? No problem! With SmartIMF Manager you can fully configure and manage the background service from within the SmartIMF Manager window.

SmartIMF Manager has been designed to provide easy access to common tasks in the day-to-day maintenance of the IMF archive folder. With the SmartIMF Manager you can:

  • View messages archived by the IMF as spam in either raw format or in Outlook Express (or Windows mail in Vista). Sort the view by date/time, From:, To:, Subject:, Size of message or SCL (spam) rating. Search and/or Filter messages by From:, To: and Subject:.
  • Delete single or multiple messages; or by pre-defined filters of ‘All’, ‘All – Keep Today’s’ or ‘All – Keep one week’
  • Release and deliver messages to the recipient mistakenly identified as spam by the IMF.
  • Using the Whitelist Rule editor, create simple or complex whitelist rules to automatically release and deliver messages mistakenly identified as spam by the IMF.
  • Create a Spam Digest for your users, listing all the emails caught by the IMF during the previous 24 hours and sent to them daily.
  • NEW! You can schedule Spam Digests to be delivered up to 24 times a day (once an hour) on a weekly schedule.
  • Users can now view and release their own messages caught by the Exchange IMF with daily Spam Digest reports. (registered version only – 30 day trial version shows only the first message)
  • Configure many parameters of the Whitelist service to tune for your specific messaging environment.
  • Run a remote copy of the SmartIMF Manager on a workstation PC (registered version only) and perform all of the above tasks.
  • SmartIMF Manager can import whitelist addresses from IMFcompanion and TXT/CSV files.
  • Messages can be automatically expired by SCL Rating and age – So you can retain lower SCL rating messages longer without your UCEArchive folder growing too large.
  • SmartIMF Manager interface has been designed and tested to handle large volumes of spam in the UCEArchive folder (10,000+ messages)
  • SmartIMF Manager can filter the list of spam to show only messages addressed to valid Active Directory recipients.
  • Users can create whitelist rules with 2 clicks from email trapped in the spam archive.
  • NEW! SmartIMF fully supports and can display RFC2047 encoded fields. It will also use the individual message codepage (if available) to display any recognised language character set. Cyrillic, Greek, Turkish, Arabic, etc are all now correctly rendered.
  • NEW! SmartIMF is now available in English and French.



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