Spryka Email Charger 2.0.4

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Spryka Email Charger 2.0.4

Spryka Email Charger is a Microsoft Windows based bulk emailer. Its an email marketing software that can manage multiple mailing lists, sending email messages without recurring monthly fees or charges

Create eye catching emails and newsletters:
One of the most important parts of bulk email marketing is the ability to hold the recipient’s attention. This can’t always be done through words, and needs to include good designs and layouts. To create a specialized look, use the email marketing message formatting options within Email Charger.

The idea with this is to create the perfect presentation, so the bulk email marketing message isn’t just words, but includes eye catching content that engages the recipient. Use the preview page of Email Charger to ensure that the bulk email message has been composed properly

Get Data from Multiple Sources
When creating an email marketing newsletter, Email Charger can connect to contact data from an existing database, such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Microsoft Excel, etc and integrate it into the bulk email message. You can also create a new database within the Email Charger project file.

Control bulk emailing options
Email Charger has specialized features for controlling the delivery speed of bulk email to ensure compliance with terms of services of Internet Service Providers. Email Charger can have timed delays between individual or blocks of emails. This feature is an automated way to ensure that everyone is receiving the newsletters and messages in a timely manner and that your ISP’s Terms of Service agreement is not violated. Email Charger has the ability to pause and resume the bulk emailing operation.

If there are time-outs or errors, Email Charger will automatically re-send the email message. Email Charger has specific settings to alter this behavior.



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