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Spryka ePostMailer

Spryka ePostMailer is a Microsoft Windows based bulk email marketing software. It offers seamless features for sending out customized, HTML formatted, email marketing messages which are aligned to marketing expectations. ePostMailer makes the task of importing email data from different sources very easy with support for multiple file formats and databases. Spryka ePostMailer is not just another bulk email marketing software; but an express email server which supports multi-threaded delivery and instant delivery status information while offering mailing list subscription and unsubscription processing.

Project Approach for Email Marketing Campaigns

ePostMailer manages separate and independent email marketing campaigns in easy to manage projects that carry the same set of features for each. Imagine a case where you successfully executed an email marketing campaign to a large number of recipients with specific settings using ePostMailer. The next time you want to execute the same campaign to the same set of recipients with the same settings, but different content, it is just a matter of opening your old project and changing the email content.

Rich Email Marketing Experience

Mail merge capabilities make email message personalization easy; given a list of recipients with details such as email, name, and profession, the bulk email software will generate a personalized email for each recipient. ePostMailer sends multiple emails in parallel using the method called multi-threaded direct delivery, so the total time it takes to send the emails is reduced dramatically. In the case of a large contact list, filtering mechanism is also available to select a set of contacts based on defined criterion.

Import Data from Different Sources

ePostMailer can import contacts from formats such as Paradox, DBase, plain text, HTML, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Lotus 1-2-3, Quattro Pro, XML, Microsoft Access, SPSS, CSV, MySQL, Microsoft SQL and other database formats supported by Microsoft ADO connection (including ODBC databases). All the contacts imported to ePostMailer will be stored in a common format regardless of the source format and can be accessed by any campaign projects.


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