SynchPst for Outlook 4.1

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SynchPst for Outlook 4.1

SynchPst for Outlook – the easy way to synchronize Outlook data between personal folders. Choose either single or multiple folders, with or without subfolders, and synchronize them quickly and efficiently.Don’t go through the elaborate process of copying and replacing your pst files – synchronize Outlook pst files intelligently.

If the selected folder does not exist in the target pst file the entire folder is copied, otherwise the source and target files are compared and the entries are synchronized based on creation time and/or subject.Do you travel and sometimes receive email to your laptop as well as your desktop? Synchronize Outlook info with SynchPst for Outlook and you will always be up to date.

Do you want to merge Outlook data files from several archived pst files to a single pst file? It’s easy with SynchPst. You use Microsoft Exchange and want to synchronize your Inbox with a pst file? ‘SynchPst for Outlook’ supports the synchronization of a Exchange Inbox with a ‘Personal Folders’ file.


  • Synchronize Outlook automatically among your computers (Professional edition only)
  • Share Outlook on two or more machines
  • Synchronize Outlook with one click
  • The read/ unread state of e-mails is synchronized.
  • Sync Outlook on your notebook with Outlook on your desktop
  • Lets you share Outlook contacts and Outlook calendars with your colleagues
  • Synchronize all Outlook items – contacts, mails, notes, appointments and tasks and journal entries
  • Supports deletions
  • Customized forms are supported
  • All fields including customized fields are synchronized
  • Synchronizes your whole Outlook and / or only a special subfolder.
  • Automatically updates your Outlook on your other computers or laptop
  • If you delete an Outlook item on one side then this item will be deleted on the other side, too.
  • If an item was changed on both sides since the last synchronization then you can solve this conflict manually or automatically (Professional edition only)
  • You can exclude private entries from synchronization (Professional edition only)
  • Synchronizes only the modified items of the last x weeks (Professional edition only)


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