Accent Office Password Recovery 3.50

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Accent Office Password Recovery 3.50

In the past, attempts to retrieve hard-to-recover passwords to open Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint or Word files were hindered by the slow brute force process, which involves trying all possible combinations. The new, GPU-based Accent OFFICE Password Recovery is up to 60 times faster at performing brute force attacks.

Accent OFFICE Password Recovery is one of the few tools on the market to leverage the power of GPU for password recovery by using NVidia CUDA and OpenCL technology. Efficient modern graphics cards give an incredible performance boost, and their flexibility, scalability and affordability make GPU-based tools the optimal price solution.

Key Advantages:

  • Leverages GPU to recover passwords up to 60 times faster than CPU alternatives
  • Supports NVidia graphics cards with CUDA technology (eighth generation GeForce graphics cards and later)
  • Supports ATI graphics cards with Stream/OpenCL technology (4XXX and 5XXX family ATI graphics cards)
  • Lets you use more than one graphics card on the same computer
  • Best performance for the money

Accent OFFICE Password Recovery Features:

  • Supports Microsoft Access, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint files
  • Choose from three types of attack: brute force, mask and dictionary attacks
  • Advanced Mask Composer – AccentSoft’s proprietary visual wizard for composing advanced password generator masks
  • Advanced Dictionary Manager – improved Word/Excel password recovery for use with dictionary attacks
  • Task Creator Wizard – our step-by-step wizard for creating advanced tasks quickly
  • Graphic interface is easy to learn and use;
  • Runs on Windows 7 and earlier systems all the way back to Windows 95.
  • Recovers a wide variety of passwords:
    • Passwords to open MS Excel (.xls, .xlsx), MS PowerPoint (.ppt, .pptx) and MS Word (.doc, .docx) files (choose from three types of attack for successful password recovery)
    • Microsoft Access (.mdb) passwords (instant password recovery)
    • Passwords to modify MS Excel and MS Word files (instant crack)
    • MS Excel spreadsheet passwords (instant crack)
    • VBA passwords in Microsoft Office files (instant VBA password crack)


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