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Lizard Safeguard PDF Security

Lizard Safeguard PDF Security is for publishers of high value or confidential information published in PDF format, whether for sale to the public or internal control and protection, where a higher degree of security and control is required – beyond simple pdf password protection.  There are no passwords for you to send, or for users to enter, manage, forget, or pass onto others.

Control who views and prints your secure PDF documents – where, when, how many times, and for how long (days, months, years or forever). Lizard Safeguard PDF Security protects your PDF documents from unauthorized:

  • viewing (including how many times)
  • copying
  • sharing
  • modifying
  • saving
  • printing (including how many times)
  • printing to file, PDF, or image printers
  • screen grabbing (print screen and third party screen grabbers)

Instantly revoke documents if you no longer want users to have access to them, and prevent your protected PDF content from being readily pirated by stopping screen shots from being taken.  Enforce document retention periods and policies, ensuring that documents are inaccessible when their valid life finishes.

Use watermarking as a copying deterrent.  Lizard Safeguard PDF Security supports a wide variety of watermark techniques to help deter piracy particularly where printed copies must be made available. System and user information can be dynamically displayed on any protected document without you having to protect the document on a per user basis.  Unlike standard PDF watermarks which can be easily removed – see Removing PDF Watermarks, LockLizard watermarks are always imposed.

Enforce your corporate branding.  You can require PDFs to open in particular formats, and can prevent users from being able to change to another style of presentation.  This allows you to enforce your own house style and appearance.


  • Complete and secure control over PDF document usage – viewing, printing (+ number of times), copying, modifying, saving, screen grabbing, etc.
  • Automatically prevents document copying, modifying and saving
  • Automatically prevents use of Windows print screen and screen grabber applications
  • Automatically prevents printing to file, PDF format (Acrobat distiller and other PDF print drivers), common image printers, etc.
  • User and Document expiry – you decide how long users can view your secure PDF documents. Great for subscription services, and time limited trials/documents.
  • Expire documents on a certain date, after a number of days, after a number of views, or after a number of prints
  • Instant user and document revocation – terminate access to a protected PDF document instantly
  • Limit the number of document views and/or prints, and instantly terminate access once this number is reached
  • Enforces document retention periods and policies
  • Ability to change print and view controls even after publication
  • Prevent or allow use in thin client and virtual environments (e.g. Citrix)



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