MyWinLocker 3.1

EgisTec Inc
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Windows Vista Windows Xp
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Encryption And Decryption

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MyWinLocker 3.1

MyWinLocker allows you take control of your own privacy! With your Yo-Safe and the convenience of encrypting files, MyWinLocker will encrypt and protect your personal data.

With over 10 million installations worldwide, MyWinLocker 3 lets you take control of your privacy. By utilizing advanced encryption technologies you can protect your files anywhere. The MyWinLocker sidebar gadget provides a convenient way to quickly encrypt or decrypt files, while the trouble-free self-extracting feature enables you to freely communicate and share files with your friends. MyWinLocker 3 is the ideal tool to secure your data.

Powerful File Protection:

  • AES File Encryption – Encrypt your files and files in a folder with the click of a button. The AES technology is the same encryption technology used by the FBI, NASA, and the Department of Defense to protect their data.
  • Yo-Safe – Store and hide your important files in a secure virtual disk that no one will find. Just open the Yo-Safe with your Master Password and then access your files as you normally would. Files are automatically encrypted as they are added or modified in the Yo-Safe.
  • Batch Mode File Encryption – Automatically encrypt or decrypt all files in a folder with one simple click.

Easy to Use Design:

  • MyWinLocker Sidebar Gadget – Drag and drop your files onto the MyWinLocker sidebar gadget for quick and easy file encryption and decryption, or add files directly to your Yo-Safe™. It couldn’t be easier! (This feature is for Windows Vista only)
  • Integrated Design – Perform encryption tasks easily through the MyWinLocker console, Windows right-button context menu, or the MyWinLocker sidebar gadget. The fully integrated design allows for fast access!
  • Convenient Self-decrypting Files – Share your protected files with your friends and family. Circulate your important files safely among friends and colleagues without needing to install extra software!

Great Utilities:

  • Master Password – Can’t remember which password for which file? Don’t worry! From now on you only need to remember the Master Password for all of your encrypted files.
  • Password Hint – Create your own password hint to remind yourself of your Master Password. You will never lose your password again!


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