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Registration Vault 2.0

Registration Vault uses an encrypted database to safely and securely store important software registration information, web log on information, and other password information.

Install Registration Vault on a flash drive to have access to software information from any computer. Great for help desk employees that need to install software on employee computers.

Easily store and retrieve software information such as the date purchased, e-mail used to purchase (for online orders), version information, upgrade information, registration name, registration key, member area user id and password. Store e-mail about the software and key files right in Registration Vault. Easily see when software “free update” period ends or when the maintenance is about to expire.

Store web site log on information for any web site and password information for various purposes such as zip files.

User definable categories for each software packages, web sites, and passwords allow the information stored to be organized. Drag the information from Registration Vault to any application or web site edit boxes to save typing web site log on information or registration keys.


  • Securely keep user ids and passwords.
  • Eliminate typing registration codes, user ids, and passwords.
  • Know when upgrade periods expire
  • Easily find registration information for reinstalling software
  • Organize your software, web site and password information


  • General:

    • Encrypted database for storage of information
    • Password protection
    • Built in backup and restore capabilities.
    • Online Help
    • PDF Manual
    • Various Reports for software, web site, and password information.
  • Software Package Information:
    • Store e-mail and key files with software package information in Registration Vault.
    • Quickly find registration information for software including registration name, company, license, registration key and email used to purchase the software.
    • Organize software by user definable categories.
    • Know when the software free upgrade period expires
    • Automatic Lookup of software name (if already installed) when typing
    • Automatic version information from installed software information
    • Remembers company information to reduce typing (if more than one package is owned from the same company general information such as company url, member area url, member area user id and password are pre populated)
    • Store member only or update log on information
    • Click on url links to open the web site for the company in your default browser
    • Drag highlighted text from e-mail into the entry form
    • Drag any e-mail from outlook and outlook express for the software including the attachments
    • Drag files from windows explorer
    • Store member area only information for easy access
  • Website Information:
    • Store web site url, user id, and password.
    • Drag log on information from registration vault to web site edit boxes.
    • User definable categories to organize web site information
  • Password Information:
    • Store a description, user id, and the password
    • Drag password information to any application or web site edit box.
    • User definable categories to organize passwords


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