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Smart Encryptor 2.11

Whether sharing your computer with friends and family, sending files over the Internet, or working on a company network, you need to be sure your sensitive information stays private and safe from unauthorized users. SmartEncryptor uses the most powerful encryption algorithms existing. AES – the US Government standard symmetric encryption algorithm and Blowfish.


  • Select between two advanced encryption algorithms: AES – Advanced Encryption Standard. The new Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) for use by U.S. Government organizations to protect sensitive information. It is a symmetric key encryption algorithm which replaced the commonly used DES standard. It was the result of a worldwide call for submissions of encryption algorithms issued by NIST (National Institute of Science and Technology). AES provides strong encryption in various environments: standard software platforms, limited space environments, and hardware implementations.
  • Blowfish – block cipher using 64-bit blocks and keys of up to 448 bits. It’s fast, compact, simple, and secure.
  • Store all your confidential files and folders in one archive maintainig the folder tree
  • Ease of operation – Windows Shell integration: You can encrypt your files or folders directly from Windows Explorer. Just right click on the item you want to encrypt and use the menu.
  • Send encrypted files to friends and partners – Self-decrypting executables: What if you want to send some secret information over the Internet but the recipient does not have SmartEncryptor installed? The answer is a Self Extracting Archive. A self-extracting file is one that includes the encrypted data along with the software to automatically decrypt it. You do not need to have your own copy of SmartEncryptor in order to extract the files. Once the self-extracting file is downloaded, you simply double click it and enter the password.
  • Optionally wipe the source files: The software has the option to shred the original file after it has been enciphered. Shredding a file means writing over the contents with meaningless data. This is much more secure than simply deleting the file. The operation of deleting a file can often be undone by a malicious computer expert or a forensic computer examination.
  • Comprehensive help: The manual contains a Quick Start section that will help you learn to use SmartEncryptor in minutes. It also thoroughly explains the more advanced features of the software.
  • Prompt tech support


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