WinXAR 2.0

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Encryption And Decryption

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WinXAR is a powerful security
utility which allows you to encrypt, decrypt, shred files or keep
files in the encrypted virtual disks. You will never worry about
your sensitive or private files any more, especially when they are
emailed or on a removable media like USB stick.

The main WinXAR window features a list with the names, sizes, types,
and modified time stamps of files in the directory or in the
encrypted file. This list can be scrolled and sorted on any field. A
speed button bar provides fast access to commonly used actions.
Extensive context sensitive help is always available.

Double clicking on a file in the main WinXAR window has the same
effect as double clicking in Windows Explorer. The file is extracted
if it is an encrypted file, or the file is opened by the appropriate
application (for example, Notepad for *.TXT files) based on standard
Windows associations.

The WinXAR encrypted virtual disk has no difference from any other
physical hard disk drive but it supports transparent on-the-fly
encryption to keep data strongly secured. You specify the password
when the virtual disk is mounted and thereafter everything you
access from disk is automatically decrypted and anything you place
disk is encrypted. WinXAR disk encryption maintains the security of
data even in case of incorrect system shutdown or system crash by
keeping the files always encrypted.

WinXAR provides a total file encryption solution. It will protect
your sensitive information on your PC, USB stick, removable disk,
laptop, email etc from hackers, thieves, competitors, secret
services or from any other possible intruder.

Key Features :

  • You can encrypt
    your sensitive or private files directly or hide them in encrypted
    virtual disk drives. 
  • Files or virtual
    disks are professionally protected by AES 256-bit strong encryption
  • The encrypted
    virtual disk is based on file or entire partition or entire storage
    device(such as USB flash drive or hard drive) and mount it as a real
  • Seamless
    integration with Windows Explorer. Drag and drop to or from Windows
    Explorer, or encrypt and decrypt without leaving Windows Explorer.
  • Files and folders
    could be shred and deleted to prevent be recovered. 
  • Rename encrypted
    files to anonymous names automatically, nobody could guess the
    meaning of files from their names. 
  • On screen
    keyboard allows user to input password using the mouse instead of
    the keyboard to prevent keyboard "sniffing" software from picking up
    keystrokes as they are being typed in.  Simple interface,
    easy to use.



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