ZipPassword COMEBACK 3.0

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ZipPassword COMEBACK

ZipPassword COMEBACK is a powerful and user friendly software to recover your lost or forgotten password for ZIP/PKZip/WinZip archives.

Have you ever encrypted your zip archives? Maybe you received some important data in encrypted zip archives to prevent an illegal access. And then unfortunately forgot or lost the passwords. Don’t be worried. ZipPassword COMEBACK can help you. Please try and see how easily it can recover your lost password.

However so far there is no known method to extract the password from the compressed file; so the only available methods are brute-force, dictionary-based and user-defined mask attacks.

Features of ZipPassword COMEBACK

· User friendly interface.
· Works with zip-archives created using WinZip, PKZip or any other ZIP-compatible software.
· Supports Zip archives and self-extracting Zip archives (SFX).

Supports Zip archives encrypted using following methods:
· Standard Zip 2.0 encryption
· 128-Bit AES encryptions
· 256-Bit AES encryptions

Supports the following password recovery methods:

· Brute-force attack
· Dictionary attack
· Mask attack
· Custom charset support for Brute-force attack (user-defined charset).
· Ability to pause and resume recovery process.
· Ability to find all possible case combinations of the current word in dictionary.
· Ex: "cat", "Cat", "cAt", "caT", "CAt", " cAT", "CaT", "CAT"
· Ability to assign of Min and Max password length.
· Ability to run the recovery process in background.
· Ability to load the external dictionary.
· Custom define mask symbol and pattern corresponded to the password.
· Ability to define the password as starting and ending point for the recovery process.
· Password recovery progress bar.
· Save and open project for continuing the recovery job later.
· Running as background process.
· Minimizing to the tray.
· Full install/uninstall support.


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