Distributed Storage 3.10

The primary role of Distributed Storage software is p2p synchronization and sharing files and directories locally and between many remote computers connected by LAN or Internet (Desktop PCs, Laptops or external USB drives).

It has easy to use convenient interface and makes all configuration simple. You don’t need special knowledge to use it. Need keep backed up data up to date – choose Distributed Storage to implement this task. Easy way to synchronize and share files – that’s main advantage of Distributed Storage Software.

What is Distributed Storage p2p pc sync and share software for?

  • Use it as backup software and do so many copies of needed files in so many places and computers as you need and keep all folders up to date (configuration user interface’s complexity will remain simple).
  • Sync documents when edit it on two or more computers for example at home and at work.
  • Sync documents when many peoples work with a single document file.
  • Share files (photos, music, pictures) with friends and track changes of their folders.
  • Need to configure some software on many computers and don’t want to do the same task on each one? – Install p2p files sync and sharing software and keep configuration files of your computers synchronized.

Why does Distributed Storage use "P2P" for files sync and sharing?

  • There are many online synchronization software for files sync and backup. The main advantage of using p2p sync software is independence. Even if one computer will be excluded from network use other computers for getting needed files.
  • The other side of p2p synchronization is security – Data will transfer direct from computer to computer and nobody knows about content which you sync.
  • Every time changing important file is needed backup, because it can happen that file can be lost for some reasons. Don’t do it manually, this time can be used for another important work. So, why don’t use p2p sharing and sync software that can keep your time and do it faster?!
  • And finally if files that are needed to sync will be damaged you never loose your files because the same copy will be on another computer of your own p2p network.

What makes Distributed Storage the Best solution for data synchronization?

  • Direct Internet access synchronization with another computer.
  • Easy-to-use, convenient interface.
  • Cross-platforming (Windows and Linux Computers).
  • Reliable synchronization process with recent changes files tracking.
  • Password protection for remote accessible storages.
  • Web Sharing from everywhere.
  • Automatic Internet Update.


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