GigaTribe 3.00.023

7.9 MB
Operating System
Windows All
File Sharing and P2P Software

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GigaTribe is a unique technology has been developed by talented programmers with a strong history in the software industry. The program is lightweight and powerful; it requires almost no CPU and will run for days without any reboot. You may leave your computer on 24/7 for weeks on end and GigaTribe will continue to run smoothly.

GigaTribe unique features:
The service is simple and easy to use
1 Download the software and create a username.
2 Invite your friends from the software.
3 Share your folders and start downloading!

GigaTribe does not require any extra steps to share a file.
Once you select which folders you want to share, the contents of those folders are instantly accessible to your friends. You can add new files to your shared folders or change your files at any time.

There are no limitations on quantity or file size
All your files are kept on your hard drive, eliminating the need to transfer them to an external server.

Files are available in their original format
In just a few clicks, you can share and also find files as if you were in a virtual library. You will see files as they were organized on the hard drive, and you can download them in their original format.

It´s a two-way sharing service
Each contact can both share and download. The more contacts you invite the more content you get. Your community continues to grow and more files become available without you needing to do anything. You decide which content is worth downloading among the files available to you.

Transfer automatically resumes
If a download is interrupted (for example, if a contact goes offline), the transfer automatically resumes with no loss of data when your contact comes back online. If the file that you are downloading is available from any other contacts in your list, then GigaTribe automatically retrieves the file from all those contacts and continues to download it for you.



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