KiBi-Share 1.1.3

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KiBi-Share 1.1.3

KiBi-Share is a lightweight filesharing application, designed to send and receive files in a simple and compatible way. Quickly share files with anyone. Only one side of the transfer needs KiBi-Share installed, as the other can use their web-browser for the transfer.

Top Features:

  • Quick and easy file-transfers, to anyone, anywhere – KiBi-Share works using the standard HTTP protocol used for web-browsing, allowing you to send files to anyone who has a web-browser. There is no middle-man server that can interfere with the transfer, but a direct connection between the sending and receiving end. Coupled with an easy to use interface, sending files to your friends or co-workers is as easy as a drag and drop in the KiBi-Share window, and copying the provided address to the person who is to receive the file.
  • A frequent usage-scenario is when sending or receiving files through instant messenger conversations, where transfers can often become very slow, or fail to complete. KiBi-Share solves this problem in a simple and efficient way.Make your files available remotely – By leaving KiBi-Share running on your computer, you will be able to access the files and folders you have selected for sharing directly in a web-browser from another location. This feature provides excellent accessibility at for example a school or a public computer, and can also allow you to send files back to your computer. Password protection is available, if desired.
  • Full utilization of available bandwidth – Most internet connections advertise transfer speeds of several MBit/s, a promise rarely delivered when transferring files between private computers. The problem is especially evident when transferring data to a someone far away, perhaps in a different state or country, or to someone using a different internet service provider. Internet connections are routed through multiple nodes on the way to their destination, in ways beyond user control, and along the way one router might decide you are not a prioritized customer, or for another reason choke your connection speed.


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