LimeWire Ultra Accelerator 4.4

Traffic Speeders
2.8 MB
Operating System
Windows All
File Sharing and P2P Software

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LimeWire Ultra Accelerator 4.4

Limewire Ultra Accelearator is just as popular as its big brother – the p2p file sharing client Limewire.

This is due to its high capability to increase the overall functionality of the original downloading program by a perfect symbiosis between the two.

Basically, what this software does is to help you download music, movies, games and other types of files faster by automatically speeding up the download process through its special features meant to optimize the Internet connection.

Limewire Ultra Accelearator is a great tool for adding to your download process a plus of accuracy and resourcefulness when it comes to searching for your wanted files.

It is a very small application in terms of resource consumption, but nevertheless an efficient solution to prevent slow downloads, disconnections and traffic jamming.


  •  automatically searches for more sources at user-specified intervals;
  •  interface is highly intuitive and nice-looking;
  •  automatically clears downloaded or corrupted files;
  •  operable by system tray icon for quicker and easier use;
  •  automatically resumes paused downloads;
  •  saves configurations from last run and auto loads on start-up.


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